Pink Grinch - Premade Gang Sheet

Pink Grinch - Premade Gang Sheet

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This is a premade 22x60" Gang Sheet. These transfers come on a roll and you will have cut the transfers to separate them yourself.

DTF Print Transfers are here to stay! Forget about the days of weeding vinyl or screen print set up fees! DTF transfers will fully support all your printing needs! Order today and get vibrant, radiant images capable of fully supporting all your printing needs! These transfers have long lasting wearability, no color maximum and are capable of going on light or dark garments, koozies, tote bags, hats and more!

We recommend that these transfers be applied with an industrial grade heat press. We do not recommend using household irons or Cricut Easy Press for these transfers. These transfers require even heat and pressure to be accurately applied.

Things to know about Direct To Film Transfers

DTF is the process in which designs are printed directly onto a film. The design is able to be applied to almost any substrate/material and can go on any color item. 


  • High Pressure (8-9 manual) 60PSI Automatic
  • Cold Peel
  • Poly Blend - Temp: 275, Time: 10 sec
  • Tri Blend - Temp: 275, Time: 10 sec
  • 50/50 - Temp: 300, Time: 12 sec
  • Cotton - Temp: 325, Time: 15 sec
  • Double Press With Parchment Paper For Best Results

What is a Gang Sheet?

A gang sheet is a printing term used in the production of newspapers, magazines, and other printed materials. It refers to a large sheet of paper or film that contains multiple images or pages of a publication arranged in a specific layout.