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We are a husband and wife power team located in Southport, NC. Together, we love to create unique items that are outside of the typical gifts you'd find in a big box store. We've been a team just shy of 13 years, and have created the coolest extentions of ourselves. Copy & paste versions, if you will. Our daughter Rain is the oldest, and has always been eager to learn new things and never gives up. Charlie is the youngest and has a headstrong look on life. They are always in the shop with us eager to lend a helping hand and coming up with new ideas. They keep up on our toes and always laughing! We wouldn't be what we are without them.


Hey there, friend. I'm Jessie! The face behind the products. It's great to meet you! I am a mother, a wife, and the creator of Tree House Customs. I created this brand in 2012 when i gave birth to my daughter. She was good at keeping me busy, but as a stay at home mom, I decided I needed more. I have always enjoyed creating things that bring smiles to others. Now that they are in school, I spend most of my days running the embroidery machines, firing up the lasers, and powdercoating cups. In my spare time I love crusing around town in my Jeep with the top down, hitting a good mud hole, and spending quality time with my family & friends.


Hi, I'm William! I'm the maker behind all of our 3D prints. You name it, I'll print it - but I enjoy printing life size dinosaur skeletons the most! When I'm not running my printers, I'm working my day job running my HVAC business. I'm an avid pokémon and Halo collector, along with tons of others (because why grow up?) and I love anything that is realated to history! If you'd like to see our prints behind the scenes, check out my personal TikTok! @twistedmack

Happy to meet you! Lets create something unique!