Baseball Mama - American Flag
Baseball Mama - American Flag

Baseball Mama - American Flag

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3D Printed Togepi Raffle! 🏆
Join to win: 3D Printed Togepi - True to Pokédex size - In support of nine year old Sophia who is currently battling Brain Cancer.

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Raffle ends on October 27, 2023

This is a Raffle in support of 9 year old Sophia Diaz - who is currently battling brain cancer.  The type of tumor is a central nervous system tumor called a glioma, located by Sophia's brain stem, that is a result of abnormal growth of glial cells (cells that surround, protect, and help neurons send messages from the brain to the body). 

Her team of doctors have decided on a regimen of two different types of chemo at the same time, in order to attack the cancer in different ways. She will travel back to Duke for chemo treatments every week (probably Wednesdays or Thursdays) for the next year.

They will evaluate in 3 months if the chemotherapy is working, and will then decide if they need to add in radiation. Her doctors have expressed that radiation would be harder on her than chemotherapy, and would also require another surgery on her skull prior to they would like to see if the chemo alone can shrink the tumor before starting radiation.

Sophia will be enduring something no child ever should have to experience. She should be going to homeschool co-ops and classes....not chemotherapy. It's go time. Now the fight begins.

Please encircle Sophia and her family as they begin this battle. Let's surround them with a protective barrier of love & positivity! Let's wrap them up in prayer & go into battle with them as they defeat this cancer!

Cancer is a ruthless thief....but Sophia is a warrior, with an ARMY of support. We've got your back, sweet girl.

100% of these proceeds go directly to Sophia and her family to help with traveling expenses back and forth to Duke, and expenses at home while her parents are missing work to be with their daughter.

This raffle will end on October 27th, and one winner will be announced on our social media pages and alerted via email.

To enter the raffle, purchase any of the eligible products

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